jueves, 31 de julio de 2014

2wTREE - Happiness by design.

“2wTree, a tree in two different worlds" 

   During 2011, I was settled in Singapore and I could experiment how the sunlight is so different around many places of Asia. It was an enjoyable period for travels, photography and design. 

   I was really fascinated working and talking with people from so many different nationalities sharing knowledge and experience. Fortunately this experience gave me the availability to understand and take a cultural approach different to my original thinking. If I have to share things that I have learned in my life in Asia so far, one of them will be love the people that you work with.

Working Together

“We are not as colorful as we think we are”
   I made my first trip to Japan as an ignorant backpacker before reach to Singapore. My sensations were a bit contradictories: one hand, I felt so fascinated because of the colour of the sky but in other hand, I had the feeling that my photos were not really good enough to express my real emotions.

   Months later, I was in a conversation with Ms Narunya Kesmanee, an architect from Thailand who had have similar experience in Japan. She pointed that photography is extremely flexible and we should not forget that we can get an image in less than a second which it means that, if we use the advantages of the digital technology we should have the risk to dare to fail when we are involved in the design process of the image. She remarked about the importance to keep learning from our own faults to use them for making our work different. When we finished our conversation she invited me to visit Thailand, a land that I deeply love it, and we work together to create an image that later on we called “We are not as colorful as we think we are”.
   As a lesson learned, we think that there are so many frustrating and confusing things around us. So we guess that to make design matter we must design to enrich experience with emotion, authenticity and beauty.

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  1. Hola Miguel,

    Un placer haber encontrado tu blog. Como español expatriado que fui y por tu estilo de escritura, tienes un seguidor más.

    Un abrazo