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2wTree notebooks in a stationer´s shop in Bugis, Singapore.

“I heard in the world, there’s a bird without legs. It can only fly and fly. When it’s tired it sleeps in the wind. It lands on earth only once in its life. That is when it dies”.
“Days of Being Wild” by Wong Kar Wai.
    “We all are legless birds” concluded Narunya Kes after finishing our sabbatical period, an enjoyable time off of our life in the middle of 2014 that both of us decided to enjoy together avoiding any kind of interruptions due to companies or work issues. 
   We never planned to be very ambitious in targets but a recipe for a quiet life around our lovely families for a few months was not the answer for the initial expectations of our time off. We used to read and listen to personal work experiences of well known designers and entrepreneurs as Anton Corbijn or Yayoi Kusama or Steve Jobs, who never were satisfied with the status quo. They wanted to change the things and make things happens. The world has never been changed by unambitious people. We learnt from them that ambitious people have high expectations of themselves and others. They reach for the stars. Although for us the stars are too far to go now but living in Singapore, Machu Picchu (Perú) is likely the furthest iconic place for visiting closed to our antipodes.
2wTree notebook, from our series of Perú limited edition. 
"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star" by W. Clement Stone.  
   The core skill for our travelling was very simple: listen actively. We can only understand other people if we listen to them. The simple act of listening builds rapport at the same time as building our knowledge of the people we want to influence. Our work experience proves that the great dividing line between stress and pressure is control: people under pressure who still have control over their fate can perform exceptionally well. People under pressure who have no control over events quickly discover stress and burnout. 
   As a general rule, we value what we earn more than what is free. Along our trip we shared chocolates, champagne and stories. The first two have monetary value, the last one has personal values. We learnt that telling stories is a sort of generosity which builds influence and power. The most precious moments in our journey tended to be things like time and recognition shared. We believe that when you give people your time, you are investing your most precious and limited resource in them: people respond to that vote of confidence. When you give them recognition, that is also a vote of confidence in them. Once you have made the investment, you can expect to ask for a return on that investment: most people will give willingly. You have set up the process of give to take. We tried to materialize this process by using generosity. We created our souvenirs from our own visions during the trip. We designed notebooks from our pictures and statements of the visited places and we offered them to our friends. Enthusiastic and proactive friends capable to develop an entrepreneurial mind taking the risk of going out of the comfort area and find the magic of having their own adventures in this wonderful world. Friends who are legless birds working in places far from home like us. We rediscovered our happiness by design and we knew about happiness by generosity.
   Generosity is the art of taking by giving. Generosity is a habit. Fortunately, it is a habit that can be acquired. It is not just profitable to give, it is also enjoyable. Being generous with the personal time appears to be suicidal when there are so many day to day pressures to meet. But by creating a network of alliances, mutual obligations and debts which can be called in, the influences invests heavily in the future. It is an investment which saves time and raises performance in the longer time. And the meaner issues becomes, the easier it is for a selfless and generous person to stand out and become influential.

   For many people, the greatest barrier to success is in their heads. It's time to continue imagining our future beyond the fears and repressions. Time to flight to different places than the original one, to engage with them and simply write our history. It is time for legless birds.

Written by Miguel Vélez & Narunya Kes.

   Be a part of "Legless birds Movement" and get your 2wTree Notebook Limited Edition contacting us by email 2wtree.design@gmail.com and just start to write your own story.

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  1. "CREATE" is indeed a SUPER DUPER HUGE Word. Miguel Vélez & Narunya Kes - your series of photos taken by you guys during your 3 months holidays, you guys have created a series of beautiful photos complete with your emotions, experiences & text, I feel I can relate to your moments while you were there. I am so lucky for your "hi hi" at raffles city. Thank you for giving me this limited edition note book "CREATE"- This word has been my motto ever since I started to draw. I definitely looking forward to collaborate with you in the near future!

    Papergirl Pam.

  2. Este cuadernito llegó a Canadá desde Singapur con un bello mensaje. Gracias Miguel, Narunya y 2wTree por vuestra inspiración y creatividad / This notebook came to Canada from Singapore with a beautiful message. Thanks Miguel, Narunya and 2wTree for your inspiration and creativity.

    Elena Sainz.

  3. Emocionado y agradecido al recibir un regalo y detalle de Miguel Vélez desde Singapur en forma de carta y libreta de notas. Un crack. Gracias viajero.

    Iván Marcos.

  4. 一本小笔记,承载着旅途中的回忆;一张照片,虽然是那么一秒钟的摄取,却唤起了一连串的人与故事。
    朋友 Narunya Kes 与 Miguel Vélez 三个月里出发去了西班牙,瑞士,秘鲁等国家, 一路上设计了几款限量版的2wTree笔记本,我很喜欢这本秘鲁沙漠的,有兴趣的可以fb他们。

    Una pequeña nota, lleva los recuerdos durante un viaje, una foto, aunque la captura sea menos de un segundo, para recordar una serie de personas e historias.

    Los amigos Miguel y Narunya han pasado tres meses en España, Suiza, Perú y otros países diseñando varios notebooks de edición limitada 2wTree. Me ha gustado el desierto de Perú, las fotos en FB y vuestras historias tan interesantes.

    Skeletona Wong.

  5. Inspirada en los recientes viajes de los chicos de 2wTree por el mundo han salido a la venta una línea de cuadernos de notas. Podeis encontrarlos pidiéndoselos directamente a los autores. Nosotros ya tenemos los nuestros!
    Gracias a Miguel Vélez y Narunya Kes por los diseños y fotografías tan chulos!
    Inspired by the recent trips of 2wTree guys around the world, They have launched a line of notebooks. You can find them asking directly to the authors. We already have ours!
    Thanks to Miguel Vélez and Narunya Kes for the design and great pictures!

    Lu y Miguel de Flamenquines con durian.

  6. ¡Qué lindos cuadernos, Miguel, felicitaciones!

    Macarena, de Chile.

  7. Un poeta colombiano dijo una frase que siempre me quedó grabada en la memoria, "Cambio destino de laguna por oportunidad de ser viento".

    Un saludo desde Ecuador.